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Some people will be well-aware they have Kallman's, but others won't; signs in men include "decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle strength, and diminished aggressiveness and drive," according to Medscape. Visual field close to the border of the coverslip should be avoided. Minkin says this kind of staining is common in young women, either at the time of ovulation or in the days after, as your body goes through extra hormonal changes. Type keyword s to search. It is also possible that antibodies produced against essential intraacrosomal enzyme systems, such as proacrosin-acrosin could impair sperm penetration through egg investment
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Am I Normal? The Guy’s Guide to Normal Semen Quality

MacLeod , MacLeod and Gold , Eliasson and Hellinga , have led the scientific basis of conventional analysis of spermatozoa and the techniques recommended by them are still considered the reference for more advanced methods 6. Popular subjects covered include: vasectomy reversal, low sperm count, no sperm count, male sexual dysfunction, and more. The availability of such data allows the estimation of the likelihood of subsequent conception for a new couple attending the clinic based on the semen parameters 2. This technique also provides a check on the accuracy of the motility evaluation, since the percentage of dead cells should not exceed the percentage of immotile spermatozoa A blocked tube in the testicle may occur after surgery or a traumatic impact, STDS may have scarred the sperm ducts , and cancer or infections may have played havoc with their normal functioning. If your discharge is: white, clumpy, and crazy-itchy
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My boyfriend's semen is chunky – Is this normal? | Go Ask Alice!

Vital staining of the spermatozoa allows quantification of the fraction of living cells independently of their motility 4. There is a clinical study currently ongoing to examine the success rate of recanalization of the ejaculatory ducts by means of balloon dilation. Some of these can be solved, while others require a longer, harder road. Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of Candida, a bacteria that lives in your vagina naturally, helping balance the other bacteria down there. Breakthrough bleeding happens most often in the first few months after a woman starts birth control, as her body adjusts to the new hormones, but it can also happen right before or after your period—and it's typically totally normal, says Dweck. Due to the blockage of ejaculatory ducts, enlarged seminal vesicles are frequently seen in patients with ejaculatory duct obstructions. Physical sperm aberrations may occur during the production of sperm or during storage in the epididymus.
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The formation of mixed agglutinates between particles and motile spermatozoa proves the presence of IgG antibodies on the spermatozoa In the event that a change in semen is accompanied by pain, fever, sexual dysfunction, blood in the urine or unusual discharge from the penis, or if changes persist for longer than a week or two — it may be time to talk with a health care provider or urologist. If a sign of swelling or pain occurs, it needs to be checked out immediately. Any other colors mean you should probably have a chat with your doctor. Reduced percentage of motility with a high percentage of viable sperm may reflect structural or metabolic abnormalities of sperm that are derived from abnormalities in testicular function or antimotility factors in the seminal plasma When this barrier is ruptured, sperm cells induce the synthesis of anti-sperm antibodies 4.
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