Fantastic four sue storm invisible woman

She has sufficient control over her power that she can turn parts of her body selectively invisible. Sue is the least powerful FF member by far, and even her modest power is difficult and stressful to use. It's his junkyard-punk childhood buddy. It was almost thwarted by an attack orchestrated by their nemesis Dr. Not once do any of the boys stop to say "gee, maybe Sue should be here, too. What's more puzzling is that she was never part of the conversation to begin with. Jordan, is no scientist, but he's good with a welding torch.
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The woman with the power

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Invisible Woman Profile

She never gave up looking for Richards, though, and after a long search, she found him stranded in the past. Sue can do this at will with a simple mental command. When you want to make mischief, break the rules, go rogue, do something cool and spontaneous for a change , there they are — in arms-akimbo, resting-bitchface disapproval mode. Also look at the picture - there are speed lines. But not being able to run away from them when she gets to a corner, in a fit of rage she takes off her coat leaving her button shirt as she turns invisible, stating to herself that she couldn't believe she was doing this again. Now let's get to the hairstyle. It's easy to remain un-captured if you stay at home, bickering, showering, or standing around smoking a pipe.
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Invisible Woman Sue Storm Character Profile

Sue gets her powers anyway, through means I won't spoil here. During this era, the fields are limited to static barriers and bubbles of force. Yes, the Puppet Master captured Sue. It is claimed that in FF 41, Sue faints simply because Ben threatens her. But Sue had shown compassion, and that touched his heart or whatever popuppians have instead of hearts. She wanted to be looked after for a change.
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Reed disappeared for some time, apparently killed by Victor Von Doom. In the early years of the Fantastic Four, Sue spent much of her time keeping the team together. After getting his surfboard back and before leaving to confront Galactus, Silver Surfer tells Reed to treasure every moment with Sue. She eventually changed her name to Invisible Woman. Susan Storm, the Invisible Girl, was a revolution in comics.
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