Spanish inquisition punishment

They could not become mayors or hold other public offices. The families of the accused were not supported, so they also suffered hardships. The book was very influential and largely responsible for subsequent studies in the s to try to quantify from archival records the Inquisition's activities from to The activities of the Inquisition were so terrible that the memory of them has survived throughout Europe to the present day. The accused were invited to confess their crimes but not told what these crimes were. The case was voted and sentence pronounced, which had to be unanimous.
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They admitted to whatever their accusers had said, but again they could not be specific because they did not know what their accusers had said. They begged for mercy. Parallel to these developments the concept of inquisitio was being used widely in canon and civil cases as part of the professionalisation of law. Many French Templars, for example, were tortured to death during the investigation of what were clearly fabricated charges in the early fourteenth century: dozens in Paris alone, and "many" in the castle of Kerynia in Cyprus. It is fair to assume, as their clients did, that these court officials were aware of their employers" expectations and of the dangers of doing their jobs too well.
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World-building with the Spanish Inquisition - Dan Koboldt

Of the survivors some were disabled for life. The records have been the focus of scholars, most notably Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie whose pioneering work of microhistory Montaillou is based on the material in the register. On the other hand, unless someone was caught red handed, a confession was necessary for a capital conviction. Before the Crusade the Languedoc, under the Counts of Toulouse , had been the most civilised land in Europe. It is believed that sentences of death were frequent mainly in the first stage of the history of the Inquisition. Only the most exceptional could resist.
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Those who persistently refused to give up their ancient Hindu practices were declared apostates or heretics and condemned to death. Retrospective Prophesy. This document, Ad abolendum , is sometimes known as the charter of the Inquisition, because it set the tone for future developments. Only the strongest characters were able to face a tribunal of hooded figures who claimed to have heard witnesses and seen incriminating evidence. Torture was always a means to obtain the confession of the accused, not a punishment itself. The canons pronounced that a relapsed heretic was to be burned without a hearing; the facts were notorious and no formal judgment by the papal commission need be waited for.
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